Métis Education Council

It is with great pleasure that Rupertsland Institute Board introduces the Métis Education Council. As a volunteer advisory body to the Rupertsland Institute, the Métis Education Council is created to focus on key strategies, policies and actions that will enhance the education outcomes of Métis students in the K-12 system while promoting the knowledge of Métis culture, language and history to Alberta Education in its pursuit of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

The five MNA members of the Métis Education Council appointed by the Rupertsland Institute Board of Governors are as follows:

  1. Preston Huppie (MDd) - Principal Kehewin School - Council Chair
  2. Yvonne Poitras Pratt (PhD) - Professor, University of Calgary
  3. Cindy Swanson (PhD candidate) - University of Alberta
  4. Delores Pruden-Barre (BEd) - Director FNMI Education - Aspen View School Division
  5. Kimberley Brown (MEd) - Teacher - North Star Academy

In addition, the RLI Board has appointed the Rupertsland Institute CEO, Lorne Gladu to this Council who in turn has brought in three consultants: Greg King (MEd) Bonnyville H/S Teacher; Lisa Weber (LLM) Private law practice with experience in Indian Residential Schools; and, Solange Lalonde (BA, BEd), consultant to Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia dedicated to promoting student learning and achievement. Other staff supporting this endeavor are Guido Contreras (MA Sociology), David Boisvert (MA Political Science) and Lisa Savill (BA Arts). Collectively the newly formed Métis Education Council and its supporting cast brings acomprehensive set of skills and qualifications to enhance the Metis experience and interaction with Alberta Education and its stakeholders.