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Post Date: 01/13/2017
Location: Edmonton, AB
About us: The Rupertsland Institute Métis Centre of Excellence (RLI), an affiliate of the Métis Nation of Alberta, seeks a distinguished Métis professional to serve as Chairperson of the Institute’s Board of Governors. This is a three-year appointment which, upon successful review, can be renewed for two consecutive terms. This is a volunteer position; all travel and meeting costs related to the organization’s business will be paid by RLI.

RLI is a non-profit company under the Alberta Companies Act. RLI Metis Centre of Excellence is mandated in the areas of education, training, and research. It is funded by the Government of Canada through its Aboriginal Skills Training and Employment Strategy, and by the Government of Alberta through the Alberta-MNA Framework Agreement. The research mandate held by RLI liaises and works closely with the Faculty of Native Studies and the Rupertsland Centre for Métis Research.
The Role: The Chairperson shall work with the Board to set strategic policy direction and will abide by the agreements held by the organization. Candidates for this position must be willing to act within the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association, and must comply with lawful obligations of a Governor as required by the Board’s Governance Policy including the decisions held by the organization’s shareholder which is the Métis Nation of Alberta.

The Chairperson’s duties include:

• Provide leadership to the Board under policy governance;
• Act in an advisory role to the CEO and RLI’s officers concerning the interests and management of RLI;
• Convene and preside over Board meetings;
• Sign agreements and contracts;
• Represent RLI as a spokesperson at all levels of government, industry, post-secondary institutions and Métis community;
• Plan and organize all Board activities;
• Participate with the Board in the development of the corporate vision, strategic agenda, and RLI Business Plans;
• Facilitate communication between RLI management and the Board.
To Fit the Role: Comprehensive Knowledge of:
• Métis Nation governing structures and its objectives;
• Alberta education system and its objects respecting Aboriginal people;
• Public and private sector institutions and its objects respecting Aboriginal people.

• Proven management and extensive financial experience;
• Demonstrable skills related to field of expertise;
• Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills;
• Effective conflict resolution and negotiation skills;
• Outstanding verbal and written communication skills;
• Ability to use personal and professional experience together with skills and judgement to optimize both the short and long-term performance of Rupertsland Institute.

• An undergraduate, graduate, or professional designation from a post-secondary institution;
• A record of accomplishment in chosen career, or field of endeavour;
• Proficiency in Microsoft applications;
• Valid driver’s license and have the ability to travel as required;
• Must have the ability and commitment to exercise Chairperson functions;
• Must not hold any outstanding debt to the Métis Nation of Alberta, or have the status of bankruptcy, or have been suspended by the Métis Nation of Alberta Judiciary Council;
• Must be able to vote to hold a Mètis majority in the event of a tie;
• Must be an Alberta resident and member of Métis Nation of Alberta.
Contact: Bonnet Svy
Application Deadline: Open for submissions
Firm/Company: Rupertsland Institute Board of Governors
Application Procedure: Online resume application is preferred.
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