Employment Opportunities: Administrative

Director of Operations (Edmonton, AB)

Reporting directly to the CEO, the Director of Operations carries authority and management responsibility for Rupertsland Institute (RLI) Operations under its three mandated areas including education, training and research. As such, the Director of Operations has direct supervisory responsibility for the Senior Management Team (SMT), assists the CEO in strategic planning processes and business plan development, and supports and reports on activities related to RLI annual work-plans.

Specific duties include:
• Provide technical support and recommendations to the CEO during development of RLI strategic and business planning processes, funding agreement(s) and contractual negotiations, and on operational matters as required;
• In consultation with the Senior Management Team (SMT) develop Annual Operational Plans for the Aboriginal Skills, Employment and Training Strategy (ASETS) agreement and/or its successor strategy; applicable budget(s), subject to approval by the CEO and Board of Governors;
• Assist the Associate Directors in the development of measurable, annual work-plans for each respective division and individual areas of responsibility;
• As necessary, provide leadership, mentorship, guidance, feedback, advice and technical assistance to the Associate Directors;
• Ensure activities in the Associate Director’s work-plans are conducted as planned, along with quarterly reports outlining progress against measurable outcomes;
• Ensure narrative, financial, and results reporting meets the requirements of the ASETS agreement and expectations of the CEO;
• Under the direction of the CEO and in consultation with the SMT, develop, revise and maintain RLI policy manual(s) where necessary, along with the Metis Training to Employment Procedure manual;
• Implement quality assurance processes to ensure all RLI programs and services meet the results and accountability targets that are set, and that all aspects of RLI service delivery is effective, efficient, and in compliance with RLI standards and criteria.
• Monitor RLI expenditures to ensure compliance with approved budgets, CEO directives, ASETS allowable expenditures, and RLI policy and procedures;
• In consultation with the CEO and the SMT, develop evaluation frameworks for RLI operations as required;
• In conjunction with the Associate Director – Human Resources and respective supervisors, ensure strategic human resource plans are in place as well as annual capacity building plans for RLI staff.
• Ensure the CEO is apprised at all times of any adverse risk, impact, or potential liability to RLI including adverse media relations, client service denials, program and budget modifications, HR and personnel issues, and politically sensitive issues.

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