Post-Secondary Funding

Rupertsland Institute (RLI) provides post-secondary financial aid to Métis students to reduce the overall cost of education and the financial burden it can have on students. RLI endeavours to increase the number of Métis students who successfully complete post-secondary studies.

Income and Tuition Support

Are you in Alberta and enrolled in…

  • a one-year certificate program?
  • the final two semesters of study in a degree or diploma?
  • any year of technical training in an apprenticeship trade?

If so, you may qualify for financial assistance for tuition, books/supplies and income support. Income and tuition support for part-time training may also be available.

Apply Online

Or call 1-888-48-MÉTIS for more information. You can also visit an RLI office (Education & Employment office) for more details. Find the closest office to you.