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Alberta Metis Education Council (AMEC) Volunteer Council Member (3-year term)

Posted: September 5, 2018

The Alberta Métis Education Council (AMEC), an Advisory Council to the Rupertsland Institute (RLI) Board of Governors, is seeking a Volunteer Council Member for a 3-year term. The AMEC’s focus will be the Kindergarten-to-Grade 12 education system in Alberta and the system’s impact on the Métis students attending schools across the province.

The AMEC mandate is to assist RLI’s education division on matters related to Métis education including the identification of strategies and implementation of policies and actions that will lead to general and specific outcomes for Métis students in Alberta’s K-12 system. Further, the mandate provides for RLI to establish and deliver professional development initiatives including foundational knowledge of Métis culture, history, and languages for Alberta Education and its stakeholders.


The Alberta Métis Education Council has the responsibility to:

  • Be ambassadors for the Métis Nation within the community and Alberta education et al;
  • Assist RLI management and/or its designate to conduct strategic planning, develop and implement Métis-specific education initiatives, policies and programs for the K-12 education system in Alberta;
  • Provide a forum through the RLI education division for Métis students, parents, elders and other community stakeholders to communicate their views and concerns on Métis education and the K-12 system in Alberta;
  • Review, analyze and provide advice to RLI on Alberta Education policy matters that can, or will affect, Métis students’ education;
  • Collect data and relevant information that assists RLI to issue reports pertaining to Métis within the K-12 system and where possible, recommend Métis specific research, including peer-reviewed research in tandem with academic institutions in Alberta;
  • Foster dialogue between RLI (as a representative of the Métis Nation) and Alberta Education, Alberta School Boards Association, Alberta Teachers Association, Alberta College of School Superintendents; Alberta School Councils Association, other education stakeholders and the public on the K-12 system in Alberta.


Must be an Alberta resident and a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta in good standing and/

  • Possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in education and a minimum five years of teaching experience and/or five years of experience as an administrator in the K-12 system in Alberta or/
  • Minimum of a Master’s degree in education or higher in a closely related discipline and/
  • Must have one or more peer-reviewed publication(s) in the field of Indigenous education; or must be on faculty of an Alberta post-secondary institution at the time of appointment;
  • Ability to attend four to five meetings a year, often requires travel;
  • Ability to review and provide feedback on proposed curriculum to applicable RLI employees and AMEC members.


AMEC members receive meeting fees and reimbursement of travel expenses according to Treasury Board of Canada guidelines.

Application Procedure

Please send your CV, including cover letter to attention Kathleen Tilley at