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Request for Proposals – Delivery of Community Consultations

Posted: June 7, 2018



This Request for Proposals (RFP) seeks proposals for the delivery of REGIONAL COMMUNITY CONSULTATION TO BE COMPLETED BY SEPTEMBER 30, 2018.

Scope of Work

  1. Rupertsland Institute is interested in conducting community consultations within their Central Region. The consultations will provide information on the labour market demands and how Rupertsland Institute can develop programs and partnerships to assist the Metis people to fill the labour market shortage in the Central Region.
  2. The information required shall capture the labour market perspective of Employers, Training Institutions, Non-Profit organizations, Stakeholders and the Metis population within Central Region:
  3. The communities of focus in the Central area include, Edmonton, Whitecourt, Drayton Valley, Grande Cache, Jasper, Edson and Hinton.
  4. What are the major factors that currently influence the labour market in each area? This will include an analysis of the economy, technological advances, demographic factors such as aging population, Metis population, and the communites labour movement.
  5. What are the current and likely future labour market demands in each area? This will include a baseline of the current situation, and an indication as to the capacity of the local workforce and the existing education and training providers to meet future needs. This will help to better understand current skills gap and short-to-longer term skills needs.
  6. Are there opportunities for Rupertsland Institute to partner with other organizations and stakeholders to help fill some of the labour market gaps in each area? Co-operative partnerships maybe formed such as:
    • Nonprofit organizations
    • Industry associations/employer organizations,
    • Health and education providers
    • First Nation organizations
    • Governments (municipal, provincial)
    • Profit businesses
    • Stakeholders

The successful bidder will secure the venue, meals, market and host to participants such as local employers, community representatives, post-secondary representatives, non-profit agencies and the Metis community.

Outline the number of consultations needed in the region.

It will be expected that the successful bidder will have an excellent understanding of the Labour Market Cycle and will employ or have access to persons with expertise in community engagements.


Content Requirements

The proposal should consist of the following information in this prescribed order (please number and letter each section appropriately):

  1. Proposal Cover Letter
  2. Executive Summary
    • The proponent demonstrates a knowledge of the Metis community and the Metis Nation of Alberta
    • Provide a brief description of your organization and its history.
    • Explain the depth of your organization’s knowledge and experience with delivering community consultations.
  1. Narrative
    • The proposal meets all the basic elements out-lined in the previous sections, including timelines for project completion.
    • Explain your organization’s plans for reaching out to each community to ensure active participation at each locations by all targeted groups.
    • Describe how you will involve the Metis Leaders & Metis citizens in the Central Region


Budget:  Provide a detailed line item budget of expenses per location.



The performance of successful Bidders to this RFP will provide a written report to the Central Region Manager by October 15, 2018 and include the following information:

  • What are the major factors influencing the labour market in each area.
  • What are the labour market trends and demands in each area?
  • Labour market profiles in each community to anticipate and prepare for future prospects.
  • List potential training institutions are available in each for partnerships.
  • What are the skills development needs of the Metis people in each community?
  • List potential partnerships

Application Deadline

June 30, 2018

Application Procedure

Proposal Submission Instructions and Content Requirements:

RLI must receive proposals no later than June 30, 2018. Bidders must submit three hard copies and one electronic copy of their proposal. The hard copies should be sent to:

Roxanne Hall – Manager Central Region
Rupertsland Institute
#300, 12308 – 111 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta, T5M 2N4
Phone: (780) 423-2237 Fax: (780) 482-2834