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Professional Development

Rupertsland is pleased to offer Professional Learning Opportunities to all school districts across Alberta. Designed by Métis Educations, presented by Métis Educators. Topics include:

  • Métis Identity & History
  • For reconciliation to happen, we must know who we are sitting at the table with. Educators require accurate foundational knowledge that builds competency and confidence in Métis education. Together, we will explore the narrative of who the Métis are and examine historical developments that helped shape our nation.

  • Navigating Waters in Métis Education
  • Together we are stronger! Rupertsland Centre for Teaching & Learning (RCTL) is in partnership with Alberta Métis Education Council (AMEC) to uphold the K-12 mandate in Métis education. Participants will learn more about who we are as we examine our relationship with invested education stakeholders.

  • Creating Memorable Métis Moments through Literacy
  • Choosing quality Métis literature is an important consideration for all educators when using stories to teach. This session is designed for participants to explore several authentic, recommended resources that help to create teachable moments and provide meaningful learning opportunities.

  • Building Your Foundational Knowledge in Métis Education while Addressing the new TQS
  • Participants will have the opportunity to explore authentic Métis education resources, dig deeper into the Alberta Teacher Quality Standard (TQS) and explore the ATA online self-reflection tool to create purposeful, professional goals.

Are you interested in professional development for you or your staff? Request professional development here.

Professional Development Sessions 2018-2019

Date/Time Topic Audience Location
Jan 21, 19 Indigenous Voices/Literacy Alberta Teachers River Cree
Feb 1, 19 LQS District Leaders Edmonton & Calgary School Divisions
Feb 14-15, 19 LQS District Leaders Calgary School Divisions
Feb 21-22, 19 Cabin Fever Students & Teachers Grades 5-7 Métis Crossing
Feb 21, 19 Métis Education Teachers & Principals Grandin, Edmonton Catholic Schools
Feb 21, 19 Indigenous Ways Teachers Archbishop MacDonald, Edmonton Catholic Schools
Feb 26, 19 Métis Education Teachers & School Leaders Wolf Creek School Division
Feb 28, 19 LQS District Leaders St Anthony’s Meeting Centre, Edmonton Catholic Schools
Mar 1, 19 Indigenous Ways of Knowing Teachers Rosemont School, Calgary
Mar 13, 19 Métis Culture & Traditions Teachers & Students OLMP, Elk Island Catholic Schools
Mar 19, 19 Deconstructing the TQS through a Métis Education Lens Post-Secondary Education Students University of Alberta
Apr 12, 19 Métis Identity & History Teachers, School Leaders, Students Evergreen School Divison
Apr 29, 19 Aboriginal Studies Teachers Jasper Place Composite High School
May 9, 19 Historical Overview, Agreements, TQS Teachers Tipaskin School, EPSB
May 16, 19 Contemporary Resources & Curriculum Development Teachers Tipaskin School, EPSB
May 27-28, 19 National Indigenous Education & Reconciliation network Education Stakeholders across Canada Fredericton, New Brunswick
May 30, 19 Métis Cultural Days Olds College, Alberta
Aug 27, 19 Métis Education Suzuki School
Aug 26-30, 19 Métis Education Fort Sask. School Staff Métis Crossing
Oct 4, 19 ERLC River Cree
Oct 23-24, 19 Métis Education Jasper Pallisades


“Train the Trainer”

We will also be offering a “Train the Trainer” course in the Spring of 2020. Please email us at for more information.