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Message from the CEO

Rupertsland Institute (RLI) was formally incorporated “by the Métis people, for the Métis people” and plays a significant and expanding role as a public service entity for the Métis people of Alberta.

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RLI, I am humbled by the trust and confidence placed in RLI by the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) Provincial Council to deliver high quality programming and services to our community. I also extend my gratitude to the individual members of our Board of Governors for their time and commitment to RLI. The sharing of their professional experience and insight brings further support to our community in realizing its full potential through education, training and research.

In 2010, the MNA Provincial Council granted three mandates to RLI in the areas of education, training and research. As the CEO, it is my role to ensure that each mandate delivers a substantive and viable product to our Métis community. As a result, RLI’s long-term goals and business plan objectives are carefully designed to meet the needs, aspirations and dreams of the people we serve. To carry this out, I work very closely with a Senior Management Team consisting of a Director of Operations and six Associate Directors who are responsible for RLI’s Corporate Services, KETO Data Services, Research and Professional Development, Métis Training to Employment (MTE) Human Resources and Métis Education.

The Senior Management Team meets regularly in roundtable discussions to provide updates on current activities, seek input from each member on planned activities, and to ensure full participation on administrative decision-making. In addition, members of the Senior Management Team meet with RLI regional managers on a quarterly basis to support our collective vision of excellence in operational planning and service delivery.

At the moment, federal funding forms 94.5 per cent of all revenues provided to RLI through an agreement under the federal Aboriginal Labour Market Strategy. As such, RLI operates under a strict federally-led accountability framework. Balancing reporting requirements under the accountability framework with the RLI mandate to create and develop effective services and partnerships supported by demand-driven skills development requires a huge amount of work by a team of dedicated staff. Together, we operate as a cohesive and tight-knit team that is accountable to our Board, our shareholder and most importantly, the Métis people of Alberta.

We are aware that new economic and societal changes will bring drastic revisions to the current provincial and national socio-economic model in the next few years. This is why RLI is engaged in a far-reaching analysis of these upcoming changes and is preparing an institutional development strategy designed to tackle the challenges head-on, to ensure the ongoing success of Métis people in the future labour market. Soon, RLI will begin discussion on institutional development options to ensure that Métis people in Alberta have access to life-long learning and are prepared to meet the challenges that climate change, shifting economic realities and the rapid pace of knowledge growth will bring to Alberta, Canada and the global economy.