MTE Program Overview

The Métis Training to Employment Program is the most well-known Service Delivery Arm of Rupertsland Institute. Its objects are to identify and promote actions that improve education, skills levels and employment opportunities for Métis people, and to manage and deliver programs that enable Métis individuals to pursue education, enhance their skill level, and to find productive and well-paying occupations and employment.

pictured Provincial MTES Service Delivery Points

The Métis Training to Employment (MTE) program follows the principles established by the MNA under the former Labour Market Development program and maintains a commitment to excellence, enhanced accountability, partnerships, and demand-driven skills development under ASETS. The organizational structure allows for standardized client service delivery through a network of Métis Training to Employment Services (MTES) centres, while centralizing financial and administrative accountability at Head Office. 

Métis Training to Employment Vision

“A Skilled Métis Labour Force”

Métis Training to Employment Mission

“Métis clients will achieve self-sufficiency through training and employment.”

Aboriginal Skills Employment and Training Strategy (ASETS)

Following the MNA Provincial Council motion to create the Rupertsland Institute, direction was sought, and approval was given from Human Resources Development Canada to move the responsibility of training from the MNA’s stewardship to the new Rupertsland Institute. The Rupertsland Institute became the new signatory to the ASETS Agreement totalling more than $61million dollars over a period of four and one-half years effective October 1st 2010 to March 31st 2015.

Main Elements of ASETS

  1. Demand Driven Skills Development
  2. Strategic Partnerships
  3. Enhanced Accountability

Métis Training to Employment Mandate

  • To assist Métis individuals to prepare for, find and keep employment, thereby resulting in client self-sufficiency and savings to income support programs;
  • To ensure Métis women, Métis youth and Métis persons with disabilities access a fair share of MTE resources as they prepare for, find and keep employment; 
  • To create labour market programs that are designed to meet the needs of the Métis community and industry and that are accountable to the Métis Nation and its funding agencies;
  • To create and make available a distinct set and diverse network of Métis employment services comparable to mainstream services and to locate these services as close as possible to the Métis client community; and,
  • To stimulate, mobilize, and encourage industry and other community partners to act in partnership with the Métis Nation of Alberta on labour market related issues and/or activities designed to increase Métis participation in the economy. 

Core Business Investments

  1. Employment Benefits:

    Providing financial assistance to Métis clients so they can gain the skills they need to succeed in the broader labour market.

  2. Support Measures:

    Providing labour market information and other pre-employment service assessments and referrals for the unemployed and job-ready clients so they will have the direction and support they need to make successful transitions in the labour market.

  3. Strategic Leadership:

    Pursuing new and innovative ways of delivering labour market programs, and services by taking advantage of partnerships and opportunities leading to excellence in business practice, organizational development, and service recognition.

  4. Employer/Community Relations:

    Developing strategic relationships with Industry, employers, training providers and other partners to address the skills shortages and gaps in order to meet the needs of the current and future job market.

Rupertsland Institute Business Plan Goals

  1. Operational and Administrative Excellence

    To ensure field operations and administrative practices are consistent with professional quality, integrity, and results-based accountability.

  2. Client Self-Sufficiency

    To ensure clients receive effective counselling, quality employment assessments, relevant information and training supports that lead to sound decision-making, and a high probability for satisfactory employment outcomes in the future labour market.

  3. Strategic Partnerships

    To develop and leverage program operations and strategic ventures with public and private-sector partnerships leading to positive client transitions in the labour market.

  4. Innovation, and Strategic Leadership

    To create, market and develop Métis Training to Employment initiatives that demonstrate a fresh, bold approach to Aboriginal programming.

  5. Enhanced Program Performance

    To develop the capacity to measure, evaluate and change program delivery, and to determine community and stakeholder satisfaction with Métis Training to Employment programs and services.