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Classroom Resources

Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning (RCTL) is continually developing new resources to engage learners of all ages with Métis education. Find links below to all our resources. If you have a resource to request, or would like support in how to use our resources, contact us at 

Métis Week 2021

Educator Information

Each year on November 16, people across Canada pay tribute to the Right Honourable Louis Riel by holding a commemorative ceremony on the date of his execution. In Alberta, the week surrounding November 16 is known as Métis Week.

Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning provides resources, events, and information to support everyone in their Métis education journey for Métis Week. Educators can access brand-new resources and a list of Métis Community and Métis Education events being hosted during Métis Week by clicking here.

Métis Memories of Residential Schools Art Mural Resource

Rupertsland Institute is honoured to announce the unveiling, on November 17, of a collaborative storyboard mural and re-release of Métis Memories of Residential Schools, A Testament to the Strength of the Métis.

In a collaborative effort with respected Métis Elder Angie Crerar, Co-Author Jude D. Daniels, Canadian artist Lewis Lavoie, Rupertsland Institute, and Werklund School of Education, this powerful educational resource was designed to acknowledge, highlight, and share Métis residential school survivor experiences.

You can access the Métis Memories Virtual Art Mural online mural at this link:

At this link, you will also have access to:

  • The complete digital PDF of Metis Memories of Residential Schools, A Testament to the Strength of the Métis.
  • The complete digital PDF of Métis History and Experience and Residential Schools in Canada.
  • Dedications, Educational Questions, Additional Resource Links, and more that go along with each story shared.

National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021

June is National Indigenous Peoples History Month and June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day (NIPD). Métis are one of three Indigenous peoples in Canada that all Canadians are invited to learn about. Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning (RCTL) is excited to share new activities that teach about, celebrate, and honour Métis people, culture, and contributions. These Métis Education resources are for learners of all levels and can be used year-round.

Métis Digital Scavenger Hunt

Michif Activity and Design Booklet

Michif Colour Words and Digital Colouring Activity

Stories with Leah Dorion

Would you Rather? Métis Style – Includes Multiple Variations

Digital Stories

Digital stories are classroom learning resources of oral histories shared by story-tellers from Fishing Lake Metis Settlement. Each story is accompanied by a video, a transcript, and printable or digital teaching resources. We are committed to honouring Métis culture and the authentic voices and stories of the Métis people, while also introducing and equipping teachers to use and share community-created, authentic Métis resources.


RCTL has created an Augmented Reality App to assist you and your students in learning more about Métis in Alberta. Download now on the Apple App Store or Google Play to bring this interactive content into your classroom!

App-based Activities


Printables are educational resources that can be used by educators and parents who are facilitating the learning of the five Métis themes that relate to Métis identity. The printables are interactive worksheets/exercises that students can engage with to learn more about Métis identity.

Métis Week

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Everyday Métis Resources


Read-alouds are Métis authored literature narrated by staff at Rupertsland and/or Métis citizens. Métis storytelling is important to share with everyone for a glimpse into the past and present Métis way of life. This tool can be used by all, but is especially encouraged to be showcased to students.

Visit our RCTL YouTube page, where members of our community read aloud several books by Métis authors in Cree, English, Métis and French.  

Virtual Bookshelf

The RCTL Virtual Bookshelf is a collection of educational resources with the goal of inspiring and teaching others about Métis culture. There are multiple categories such as picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, and research and reference. Each item in the bookshelf has a general description, author biographies, and links to online resources.

Métis Education Videos

Did you know that RCTL has a YouTube page? Our team and community is continually working to provide videos to help all people learn about Métis history, culture, identity, and education. Subscribe to our Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning YouTube page to stay updated! 

Métis Land Scrip in Alberta

In 2003, the Supreme Court of Canada stated that “the history of scrip speculation and devaluation is a sorry chapter in our nation’s history.” (R. v. Blais) 

Métis Land Scrip were coupons that the Government gave to individual Métis to acknowledge their land claims. The system was broken, and made sure that Métis rights were extinguished, families were pushed out of their homes, and the Nation was dispossessed of their Homelands. Almost all the lands promised to Métis through scrip were stolen by Canadian settlers, including Government officials. 

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