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Rupertsland Métis Student & Alumni Association

The Rupertsland Métis Student and Alumni Association (RMSA) is the first point of contact for Métis citizens interested in pursuing post-secondary education and training to employment. Applying to the RMSA is the first step towards applying for post-secondary funding.

The Rupertsland Métis Student & Alumni Association:

  • Serves as a support forum for Métis students, particularly students considering a direct transition from high school to a post-secondary program
  • Serves as a support forum for Métis students and alumni to various cultural and volunteer opportunities
  • Creates a community for and by Métis students and alumni to support each other
  • Provides enhanced access to summer employment opportunities
  • Provides further access to participate in Rupertsland Institute and Otipemisiwak Métis Government activities including volunteer and paid activities

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