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Professional Development

Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning (RCTL) offers a variety of professional learning opportunities about the Métis and its resources. RCTL’s learning opportunities are designed and presented by Métis Educators and supported by community.

RCTL understands that every region/school/district is unique, and will design an exclusive professional learning session tailored for your learning.

Choose Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning for authentic and meaningful professional learning and classroom learning resources in Métis education.

  • Designed by Métis Educators
  • Presented by Métis Educators
  • Supported by Métis Community

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Rupertsland Institute does not currently charge for professional development. This support is provided to Alberta educators through a grant in partnership with Alberta Education (2018–2021).

Professional Métis Learning Opportunities for Educators


How to weave Rupertsland Institute’s Métis Education Resources in your Classroom

This session is designed for participants to explore several authentic, recommended Métis educational materials that help to create teachable moments and provide foundational learning opportunities through-out the school year. Building your foundational knowledge about Métis will empower you to select authentic, accurate resources that honour distinct Métis perspectives to weave into your current teaching practice. Together we will explore resources designed by Métis educators that weave Métis voices into your learning.


Building your Métis Foundational Knowledge: Métis History and Identity

Visit and learn about the Métis Nation’s history, stories and perspective in an introductory journey through the Métis Foundational Knowledge Themes:

  • Languages of Métis
  • Métis Culture & Traditions
  • Métis in Alberta
  • Homeland History
  • Métis Nation Governance

Laa Laang di Métis

Languages of Métis

Languages traditionally spoken in the Métis Nation are deeply connected to Métis people’s community, culture, and nationhood. Learn about Métis languages and identity in this introductory exploration of Rupertsland Institute’s Métis Foundational Knowledge theme,
Languages of Métis.

Otipemisiwak ekwa wahkohtowin

Métis Self-Governance

Learn how the Métis have always governed themselves. From buffalo hunts, the otipemisiwak have always organized themselves from the famous five to today’s current agreements and constitution.


Scrip and Theft of Land

The Scrip System was designed to assimilate Métis peoples and take away their homelands. In the aftermath of racism and dispossession, Métis have remained resilient in caring for their families and pursuing justice. Learn about the Scrip system, its ongoing harmful impacts, and Métis resilience.

National Indigenous Peoples Month

June is National Indigenous Peoples History Month and June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day. RCTL shares new activities that teach about, celebrate, and honour Métis people and culture. Participants will learn about the diversity and uniqueness of Métis culture and traditions while examining authentic resources & activities that will support planning for National Indigenous Peoples Month.

Métis Memories and National Truth and Reconciliation Day

Métis Memories is a powerful truth telling resource about the experiences of Métis people in residential schools. These experiences have been profound – not only on the families of these individuals, but also as a collective Métis experience. The strength, pride and resilience of Métis people endures today despite the trauma. These authentic stories, images, videos and websites are ways we can continue to learn about ongoing effects of residential schools on the Métis people. Métis Memories is a resource designed for educators to learn alongside their students in a meaningful and respectful way.

Métis Week

Ready for Métis Week? Educators are invited to join RCTL for a showcase of educational resources to prepare for Métis Week. Learn how to weave a wide variety of authentic resources that are ready to use to celebrate Métis people.

Professional Métis Learning for System Leaders


Métis Education and Why it Matters

This session is designed for system leaders who are interested in hearing how some Alberta School Boards have entered into Métis Education Services Agreements to boost Métis education in their districts. Become aware of how Rupertsland Institute is supporting educators and students by aligning the professional practice standards in Alberta with authentic innovative courses, resources and one-on-one supports for districts.

niya michif

Métis Educator and Facilitator Learning Journey

Continue on your lifelong learning journey as a Métis Educator with RCTL. In this course, meet online with a cohort of Métis educators, learning to weave their unique stories into their teaching. Together, educators can enhance their foundational knowledge and share best practices guided by Métis ways of knowing and keeoukaywin (visiting).

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