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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the basic eligibility requirements for the RLI Post-Secondary program?
    • Must be a member of the Rupertsland Métis Students Association.
    • Must produce MNA Citizenship identification card or provide an identification number pending verification by the MNA Registrar.
    • Must be enrolled in a recognized post-secondary program in Canada (excluding applicants applying for Referral Program Support).
    • Must work with RLI services to determine level of support from Métis Students Services (if applicable) and commit to a Student Action Plan.


  2. Who can apply for this funding?
    • Students who have been accepted and are enrolling in a post-secondary program
    • Students who are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program
    • Mature students who have been accepted and are entering a post-secondary program


  3. What documents do I need to provide RLI to get funded?
    • Applicants need to provide proof of MNA citizenship
    • Recent transcripts if relevant for a post-secondary program
    • A valid post-secondary acceptance letter
    • Proof that the desired program is offered at an accredited post-secondary institution


  4. As a Métis citizen who has met all criteria is my funding guaranteed?
    • While funding amounts have been set to support as many applicants as possible, the funding is limited and will be available on a first come, first serve basis to those who meet all qualifying criteria.


  5. How much funding can I expect to receive?


YEAR OF STUDY SUPPORT Institution Program Amount
First Year College and University Diploma or Degree Up to $7,500
Based on a full course load
Second Year University Degree Up to $7,500
Based on a full course load
Second year – extended studies College or University Diploma Up to $750
per 3-credit course
Third Year University Degree Up to $15,000
Based on a full course load
Fourth year – extended studies University Degree Up to $750
per 3-credit course
(One-time only)
University PhD, MA, MBA, Doctorate Up to $20,000
Limited availability

*Because we are starting the funding applications for January start (half of an academic year), if approved, you will receive half of the amount noted above.

  1. “The maximum amount payable per full-time student is $53,000 per year. On an extraordinary and justified basis, the maximum amount payable per year for a student in a professional degree, masters or doctoral program may exceed $53,000 up to a maximum of $90,000. No student is automatically entitled to this amount.”(Source: GOC website)
    • Support under the Post-Secondary Education program are not an entitlement. The Government of Canada entered into a 10-year Post-Secondary Education agreement with the MNA. The agreement was negotiated under the auspices of the Métis Nation Accord and the Métis Government Recognition and Self-Government Agreement signed in 2019; as such, Métis governments can design and set program funding to meet the needs of their communities and their citizens.
    • Further, the Government of Canada website states: “The objective [of the Post-Secondary Education program] is to close the post-secondary education attainment gap between Métis Nation citizens and non-Indigenous people in Canada through distinctions-based and regionally delivered strategic support.” RLI’s Post-Secondary Education program is designed to do exactly that – it will reach a wider client base so more Métis citizens can access to support and RLI will endeavor to ensure no one gets left behind.


  2. I have small children and I require support for childcare. Does RLI support students with childcare needs?
    • Yes, depending on individual circumstance, students may be eligible for support under RLI’s Early Learning and Childcare program. This program funds a portion of childcare costs in addition to the post-secondary funding support.


  3. Who can access support services under Métis Student Services (MSS)?
    • A client under Métis Training to Employment; a student who is funded under the Post-Secondary Education program; or a Métis student enrolled in a post-secondary program and is not a client of RLI can have access to the supports offered under MSS. Access to these services is limited to a one-time annual basis and services are rendered through an assessment made by a PSE Student Advisor, or MTE Employment Counsellor, or through direct application to MSS.


  4. If I receive support services under the MSS program, will this support count against the limits stated in the Post-Secondary Students Supports?
    • No, MSS is separate and over and above the support provided to students under the Post-Secondary Education program.


  5. Is there a limit to how many supports I can receive through the MSS program?
    • MSS has a limited budget and supports will be based on individual circumstance. Approved support will be communicated to applicants on an individual basis following an assessment/meeting with their PSE Student Advisor, or MTE Employment Counsellor, or the MSS Advisor.


  6. What is the Rupertsland Métis Students Association (RMSA)?
    The RMSA is a place for Métis students to become engaged with their community and has the following goals:

    • Serves as an entity to connect Métis students with the MNA Registrar
    • Creates a community for and by Métis students to support each other
    • Provides enhanced access to summer employment opportunities
    • Participation in MNA activities including volunteer or paid activities
    • Participation with and support from the MNA Youth Council


  7. Why do I have to enroll in the Rupertsland Métis Students Association if I already have an MNA citizenship card?
    • In addition to MNA citizenship, students must demonstrate community connection with the Métis Nation and the RMSA helps to facilitate and meet this requirement.
    • Students cannot access MSS unless they have RMSA membership.
    • Making application to RMSA is a first step towards a post-secondary funding application.
    • RMSA serves as a support forum for Métis students, particularly students considering a direct transition from high school to a post-secondary program.


  8. Can I be penalized if I also receive awards or funding from the Métis Education Foundation and/or the Belcourt Brosseau Métis Awards, or any other funding support programs?
    • No, the RLI Post-Secondary Program does not take into consideration other funding received or awarded to Métis students.


  9. What is the process for continued funding after I receive my first year of support?
    • After you have been funded for the first time, future funding will be easier and faster. Returning students will need to provide proof of enrolment, successful transcripts and agree to maintain regular contact with the designated Post-Secondary Education Advisor.
    • Returning students must re-apply for continued funding online.


  10. I heard that there will also be a Rupertsland Alumni Association (RAA). What is that and how do I become a member?
    • Over the next few months, Rupertsland Institute will create the RAA and this organization will serve as a link between active students to students who graduated and completed their post-secondary education program.
    • Transition from the Rupertsland Students Association to the Rupertsland Alumni Association is automatic. Students will receive information from the RAA to update their membership and an activity calendar.
    • The RAA will create a shared community of interests to support other Métis students/people by facilitating job shadows, incubators, big-brothers and sisters support for students seeking to transition into post-secondary education and current students who may benefit from this support.
    • As other similar institutions, the RAA may fundraise to support the development of new program initiatives in education, training and research that benefit Métis from across Alberta.
    • Similarly, the RAA will encourage the involvement of Métis citizens in the governance of the MNA and will create links with the Métis infrastructure.


  11. What benefit(s) will my RAA membership bring to me?
    • Over the next few months, RLI will start negotiations to offer a banking incentive program through the RAA. More information will be forthcoming.
    • RAA members will be part of a diverse and supportive community that includes members from all walks of life.
    • RAA members will be part of a growing economic community and will offer business and employment opportunities to members.
    • RAA members can be part of the MNA governance structure and will be able to participate in decision-making as the MNA moves to create self-government.


** The FAQ section and the answers in the section are provided for reference only.