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The Rupertsland Centre for Métis Research (RCMR) was created in 2011 to serve as an academic research entity designed specifically for Métis concerns. A leading priority for the RCMR includes the development of a policy think tank. The goals and objectives of the academic research centre include:

  • The formation of local, provincial and national connections with Métis communities;
  • Building research capacity to advance Métis-specific research;
  • Training and employing student researchers.

To date, five broad research themes have been developed for the RCMR:

  • Historical Research and Métis Rights
  • Institutional Deficit in Métis Education
  • Research and Analysis Capacity on Current Topics and General Policy Areas
  • Land Use and Resources
  • Contemporary Métis Issues

The RCMR operates under the Faculty of Native Studies at the U of A and is governed by an Executive Council composed of six members from the U of A, two members from RLI and two members from the Métis community. This membership structure ensures that the majority of the individuals on the Executive Council are Métis.

The U of A members include:

  • Vice-President – Research
  • Dean, Faculty of Native Studies (also the Chair of the RCMR)
  • An academic member who is external to the Faculty of Native Studies
  • An academic member who is part of the Faculty and has Métis ancestry
  • One undergraduate or graduate student of Métis ancestry
  • A Research Director with ex-officio non-voting status

The RLI members are:

  • the Chair of RLI Board of Governors (or designate)
  • the CEO of RLI
  • two members chosen by the RLI Board of Governors to represent the Métis community

For information regarding RLI’s research mandate, visit the Research Mandate section on the About page.

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