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Métis Training to Employment Program

Through the Métis Education Training & Information Services or MÉTIS program, Rupertsland Institute (RLI) offers services to assist Métis individuals in preparing for, finding and keeping employment.

Trained advisors provide these services from Rupertsland Institute’s office locations, Mobile Employment units and through virtual means throughout the province. In addition to individual client services, Rupertsland Institute also offers group-training projects that provide marketable skills to Métis people in targeted areas of the labour market.

Find available training projects in your region on our training projects page.

Métis Training to Employment is proud to offer funding for:

  • Certificate programs under 52 weeks
  • Diploma programs up to three years in length
  • Other short-term training as related to employment or skill development
  • Registered trade programs

*See eligibility criteria for values of funding support available

Métis Training to Employment is proud to offer the following services to clients:

  • Job Assistance
    • Resume building support through an assessment of transferable and marketable skills
    • Referral to employment opportunities and job search assistance
    • Employment Partnership Program
      • Allows eligible clients to gain valuable work experience and on the job training with a designated employer in a chosen field of work
      • Rupertsland Institute will support the selected employer with employment related costs on a case-by-case basis for approved clients/employer contracts
    • Youth Summer Employment Program
      • Summer employment available to eligible Métis Youth (15-30) who are returning to school in the fall
      • Rupertsland Institute will support wages of summer student employment opportunities on a case-by-case basis for approved clients/employer contracts
    • Employment Supports Program
      • Rupertsland will support clients to gain access to required tools, work attire, short term course certifications (such as safety tickets), or mobility assistance to secure employment
    • Entrepreneurial Development Program:
    • Group Training Projects
      • Group based training projects based upon current industry market demands
  • Information Services
    • Employment and career information
    • Resources to support job seekers and access to job banks
    • Information on local service providers
    • Phone, fax, and internet services for registered clients
Contacting RLI:

Call 1-888-48-MÉTIS (1-888-486-3847) and be connected toll-free to the office closest to you to find out how you can access services from RLI.

  1. Call 1-888-48-MÉTIS (1-888-486-3847)
  2. Select the region
  3. Choose the office closest to you