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Strategic Priorities

Board Strategic Priorities at a Glance 2018 – 2022

1.1. Strategic Communications

  • Develop a corporate strategic communications plan

1.2. Strategic Engagement

  • Strengthen public and private sector partnerships
  • Deliver efficient client-focused / student services and extend reach to primary-secondary school activity
  1. Support for Métis clients and students through all levels of training and education
  • Expand post-secondary partnerships for student funding
  • Develop ways to enhance existing services through early learning and child care programming
  • Develop student supports for secondary schooling
  • Explore supports for Métis pursuing professional skills development
  • Expand K-12 program development
  1. Shaping Institutional Development
  • Establish Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning (RCTL)
  • Create partnerships to build Métis specific education
  • Add ELCC to RLI programs
  • Create Métis Student Services utilizing PSE funding
  • Create an Alumni Association for RLI Graduates
  1. Enhancing Board Governance Processes
  • Policy development
  • Enhance Board and Committee structures and reporting
  • Develop/add to Board policies and procedures and clarify roles of Committee structures
  • Succession Planning
  1. Expanding Métis Agenda for Academic Research
  • Secure long-term Government funding for research activity
  • Support partnerships in research (i.e. RCMR and other academic scholars)
  1. Operational Distinction and Administrative Excellence
  • Optimize client and student services
  • Optimize HR, IT, and Finance functions