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Métis Educational Printables & On-screen Resources

Printables are educational resources that can be used by educators and parents who are facilitating the learning of the five Métis themes that relate to Métis identity. The printables are interactive worksheets/exercises that students can engage with to learn more about Métis identity.

Métis Week

Avatar Poster
Avatar Poster Use this poster with the RLI App and see the avatars come to life and speak about Métis culture!
Interactive Poster
Interactive Poster Honouring Métis Week, this poster features the Louis Riel quote: "Deeds are not accomplished in a few days, or in a few hours. A century is only a spoke in the wheel of everlasting time."
Educational Game
Educational Game QR codes lead players through educational tasks in this Métis Week Poster.
Louis Riel Interactive Poster
Louis Riel Interactive Poster Use the RLI App to scan the poster and hear about Louis Riel's history.

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Advancing Métis Education
Advancing Métis Education In this interactive PDF, click on the titles below each number to learn more about a certain aspect of Métis culture!

Everyday Métis Resources

Explore Métis Culture Poster
Explore Métis Culture Poster Fun cultural activities are listed with QR codes for resources, such as learning how to weave a mini sash!
Aspects of Métis Culture Cards – English
Aspects of Métis Culture Cards – English Read about the Métis flag, beadwork and embroidery, Métis fiddle, Métis sash, Red River cart, Red River jig and traditional cuisine.
Aspects of Métis Culture Cards – French
Aspects of Métis Culture Cards – French Découvrez le drapeau métis, le perlage et la broderie, la musique du violon métis, la ceinture métisse, la charrette de la rivière rouge, la gigue de la rivière rouge et la cuisine traditionnelle.
Métis Culture Colouring Sheet
Métis Culture Colouring Sheet Artwork by Métis artisan, Connie Kulhavy.
Louis Riel Colouring Sheet
Louis Riel Colouring Sheet Perfect for younger students!
Louis Riel Quote Posters
Louis Riel Quote Posters Print these posters and display them in your classroom.
Métis Facts Bookmark
Métis Facts Bookmark Print these double-sided bookmarks and share with your class. These bookmarks feature unique facts about Métis culture.
Métis Matching
Métis Matching Fill in the blank activity using the clues from the matching statement.
Métis Word Search
Métis Word Search Find 24 Métis words hidden in the word search.
Riel or Real?
Riel or Real? Play Two Truths, One Lie with your class to learn facts about Louis Riel.
Tic Tac Toe Louis Riel Activity
Tic Tac Toe Louis Riel Activity Interactive poster! Click on each image of Louis Riel for a new activity.
Métis Jigging Colouring Sheet
Métis Jigging Colouring Sheet The Red River Jig is a celebrated traditional Métis dance - explore the heritage with this colouring sheet.
Red River Cart Colouring Sheet
Red River Cart Colouring Sheet Colour your own red river cart!
Rock Your Mocs Colouring Sheet
Rock Your Mocs Colouring Sheet Celebrate Métis heritage by designing your own moccasins or mukluks.
Métis Nation Homeland Map
Métis Nation Homeland Map Colour in the map of the Métis Nation Homeland!
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