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Métis Community Books

Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning (RCTL) is grateful to work in collaboration with a variety of Métis community members across Alberta and beyond. Projects like this are just some of the publishing work RCTL is doing to continue advancing Métis education for lifelong learning.

The Mothers And Grandmothers Of The Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement: “Surviving And Thriving In The North”


The kinship of our people. We are all related. Our families are all related through the intermarriages of our community members. We are all kin from Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement. Our mother and grandmothers were the ones who introduced us to our relatives, and informed us of who our kin were and how we were related, and helped us understand those kinship ties.

Our Mothers and Grandmothers were resilient, knowledgeable, innovative and skilful in how they raised their families in this remote northern community. They raised their families to follow in their footsteps, and to be innovative and creative . Our mothers and grandmothers were role models in leadership and showed examples of how to be good leaders, and not to be afraid to move beyond the boundary of the community. They also expected us to be resilient, and strong, and to work hard and reach for our dreams.

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"A Place To Call Home": The Fathers and Grandfathers of the Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement: The Guardians of the Lands, the Forests, and the Rivers of the North

It is the priceless, heartwarming stories of the people, their families and their courage and bravery as they forged ahead in the wilderness of the north. It is their stories of how they survived and thrived in this harsh territory, and how they created a thriving community and a place we could call home. Their tenacity and perseverance are worth writing about and preserving for the future generations. These are the stories, and many more, that we will pass on to our children and grandchildren. They truly were the guardians of our community, and the north.

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