Education Mandate

Key Goals:

  1. To establish an educational planning process and policy framework to be used as a basis for decision and actions related to new initiatives in Métis education in collaboration with an education advisory committee, and to ensure that an adequate factual base is in place for such decisions and actions;
  2. To widely consult with Métis citizens and communities, as well as educational leaders and other professionals, in order to understand the immediate needs and future aspirations of the Métis with regard to education in Alberta;
  3. To engage in collaborative partnerships that support and improve educational outcomes for Métis citizens across early childhood, K-12, post-secondary and at the adult education level;
  4. To expand the offerings of awards, bursaries and scholarships available to Métis students and, where possible, encourage greater access to these awards;
  5. To advocate for a more holistic perspective within Métis education through the inclusion of an Elder and youth representative on an education advisory committee; and
  6. To expand the current human and fiscal resources within the Education division in order to support greater capacity and educational outcomes.

Rupertsland Institute CEO Lorne Gladu recognized at Grant MacEwan University on March 8, 2013, for the establishing of the Metis Education Foundation - Metis Scholar Award endowment program.