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Empowering Educators

Rupertsland Centre for Teaching & Learning (RCTL) is committed to supporting educators as they develop their personal and professional understandings about Métis identity, culture, and history. On this page, you will find resources that have been developed by Métis to not only help you learn about our Nation, but also how to begin applying your learning in your schools.

Foundational Knowledge Themes

Métis educators, Nation leaders, and cultural experts collectively agreed on five themes to support educators as they develop their foundational knowledge about the Métis in Alberta.

Each theme shares information about Métis history, identity, and life in Alberta. Métis voices are authentically shared through the themes, woven together with academic research to best share our Métis story in Alberta.

Languages of Métis

Métis Culture and Traditions

Homeland History

Métis in Alberta

Métis Nation Governance

Foundational Knowledge Course

The five foundational knowledge themes are being developed into an online, certificated course.

Train the Trainer Course

An online synchronous and asynchronous certificated course designed to elevate Métis education and empower Métis educators. Our second cohort will resume Spring 2021.

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