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Painting a Picture of The Métis Homeland: Synthesizing Knowledge About Métis Education, Employment, and Training

By Yvonne Poitras-Pratt, Chris Andersen and Guido Contreras

This research study synthesizes knowledge on Métis employment, training and education frameworks, and policies and programs across the Métis homeland – an area that historically extended from the upper Great Lakes of Ontario to the eastern slopes of the Rocky Moun¬tains, and that today services Metis living in coastal British Columbia through to southern Ontario. In preparation of this study, researchers interviewed policy players within Métis organizations as well as the governmental actors with whom they engaged to gain a better understanding of how the various training, employment, and education pro¬grams are executed. We discovered very early on that training and employment programs are significant¬ly better supported, through the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) program, than educational programs, which, being under provincial jurisdiction, are at the discretion of provincial policy priorities.