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Jun 30, 2019

Métis Youth Summer Employment Program


Rupertsland Institute would like to introduce you to our Métis Youth Summer Placement Program. We are looking for employers who can offer quality work experience during the summer months for Métis youth. The Métis Youth Summer Placement Program will pay a subsidy to an employer who provides a job that is a minimum of six (6) weeks and a maximum of 16 weeks in duration. Participants are expected to return to school at the end of the program.

Equitable compensation must be paid. This subsidy applies only to regular working hours (not to exceed 40 hours per week). This program also requires that our clients must receive appropriate supervision and on-the-job guidance. This work experience position must provide a good career decision making opportunity and lead to incremental work experience in a learning and professional work environment. This program does not encourage clients to seek entrance into the labour market. However, this experience must prepare the client for future labour market participation upon graduation.

Application Details

Eligible students are Métis youth between the ages of 15 and 30 years. They must be registered for full-time schooling in the academic year beginning in September. Students cannot be an immediate family member of a director or senior officer of the employer organization. Prior to being hired, students must register at a Métis Training to Employment Services office and meet with an employment counsellor.

Eligible employers are businesses and non-profit organizations who are able and committed to providing clients with a quality learning experience with the necessary supervision. Employers must be able to show they have the necessary permits and liability insurance required to conduct business and employ youth.

For more information or to apply, call 1.888.48.MÉTIS.