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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the basic eligibility requirements for the RLI Post-Secondary program?
    • Must be a member of the Rupertsland Métis Students Association.
    • Must produce MNA Citizenship identification card or provide an identification number pending verification by the MNA Registrar.
    • Must be enrolled in a recognized post-secondary program in Canada.
    • Must work with RLI services to determine level of support and commit to a Student Action Plan.
    • Please note, all funding paid to students and on behalf of a student is taxable income.
      • Students will receive a T4A for all funding paid to and on their behalf within the current calendar year.


  2. Who can apply for this funding?
    • Students who have been accepted and are enrolling in a post-secondary program
    • Students who are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program
    • Mature students who have been accepted and are entering a post-secondary program


  3. What documents do I need to provide RLI to get funded?
    • Applicants need to provide proof of MNA citizenship
    • Recent transcripts if relevant for a post-secondary program
    • A valid post-secondary acceptance letter
    • Proof that the desired program is offered at an accredited post-secondary institution


  4. As a Métis citizen who has met all criteria is my funding guaranteed?
    • While funding amounts have been set to support as many applicants as possible, the funding is limited and not guaranteed.


  5. I have small children and I require support for childcare. Does RLI support students with childcare needs?
    • Speak with your Advisor to learn about other funds available for your childcare needs for dependents 12 and under.


  6. What is the Rupertsland Métis Student and Alumni Association (RMSA)?
    The RMSA is a place for Métis students and alumni to become engaged with their community and has the following goals:

    • Serves as an entity to connect Métis students with the MNA Registrar
    • Creates a community for and by Métis students to support each other
    • Provides enhanced access to summer employment opportunities
    • Participation in Rupertsland Institute and Otimipemisiwak Métis Government activities including volunteer or paid opportunities


  7. Why do I have to enroll in the Rupertsland Métis Student and Alumni Association (RMSA) if I already have an MNA citizenship card?
    • In addition to MNA citizenship, students must demonstrate community connection with the Métis Nation and the RMSA helps to facilitate and meet this requirement.
    • Students cannot access RMSA unless they have RMSA membership.
    • Making application to RMSA is a first step towards a post-secondary funding application.
    • RMSA serves as a support forum for Métis students, particularly students considering a direct transition from high school to a post-secondary program.


  8. Can I be penalized if I also receive awards or funding from the Métis Education Foundation and/or the Belcourt Brosseau Métis Awards, or any other funding support programs?
    • No, the RLI Post-Secondary Program does not take into consideration other funding received or awarded to Métis students.


  9. What is the process for continued funding after I receive my first year of support?
    • Students must reapply for every academic year. Returning students will need to provide proof of enrolment, successful transcripts and agree to maintain regular contact with the designated Post-Secondary Education Advisor.
    • Applications will typically open in May annually for the following Fall and Winter semesters. Please visit the application website for exact dates.



** The FAQ section and the answers in the section are provided for reference only.