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Rupertsland Institute works with Nails Enterprises to grow trades in Alberta

Nails Enterprises recently hired Daniel Monias, a first-year apprentice carpenter as part of Rupertsland Institute’s (RLI) new Apprenticeship Services Program, a federally funded initiative aimed at increasing participation in the trades.

The federal government currently estimates that 700,000 skilled trades workers are expected to retire in Canada by 2028 and is investing nearly $247 million to help create more than 25,000 apprentice positions in skilled trades across Canada through partnerships with organizations such as RLI.

Funded by the Government of Canada’s Apprenticeship Service, eligible small and medium-sized enterprises such as Nails can receive $10,000 for each first-year apprentice they sponsor, up to a maximum of 2 apprentices per fiscal year. This helps to make it more affordable for companies, like Nails, to offer apprenticeship opportunities and support the growth of the next generation of tradespeople.

The program is open to new, first-year apprentices, with a focus on promoting participation from diverse equity groups, including Métis, First Nation, Inuit and women of all ethnicities.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to Daniel and to be a part of a program that is promoting diversity and inclusion in the trades,” said Matt Brown, Vice President of Operations at Nails Enterprises.

Nails Enterprises, established in 1993 in Cold Lake, Alberta, is a full-service general contractor that provides a wide range of construction services, and has developed a solid reputation through their wide-ranging experience and commitment to community.

“I encourage other enterprises interested in the trades to learn more about this program and to apply today,” continued Brown.

“This is a great opportunity for individuals to start their careers in the trades and for employers to gain a valuable member of their team.”

To be eligible for the program applicants must meet the education and entrance requirements for the desired trade, be legally able to work in Canada, and be ready, willing, and able to enter into an apprenticeship agreement. They cannot already be sponsored in the trade they are entering into an apprenticeship agreement for. There are over 30 eligible trades which can be found on the RLI website.

“Daniel has jumped right into his role and is making progress every single day,” said Ben Winterhalt, journeyperson carpenter who has been mentoring Daniel.

“He’s really eager to learn, and it’s been a pleasure to support Dan as he starts his career as an apprentice carpenter. I believe it’s important for experienced tradespeople to support the next generation and help them succeed in the industry.”

Daniel is also excited about this opportunity his future and hopes to one day run his own business.

“I am grateful to Nails and to Rupertsland for giving me a start to my career in the trades,” said Monias.

“Matt, Ben and the rest of the team at Nails have been very supportive, and I appreciate the opportunity to grow my career in the construction industry. I encourage everybody to take a chance and see what they can do!”

RLI also assists small and medium sized enterprises by providing additional supports, such as help recruiting and onboarding apprentices, as well as assistance in creating welcoming workplaces for apprentices in the construction and manufacturing industries in Alberta.

RLI is targeting up to 150 first-year Red Seal apprentices per year and are actively taking applications from both new, first-year apprentices and small and medium-sized enterprises.