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Introduction to Michif Course

The Introduction to Michif Course is a six-module open online course that introduces learners to the distinct Indigenous language of the Métis Nation, Michif. In this self-led virtual course, learners can practice hearing, speaking, and reading Northern Michif.

This Northern Michif course was developed in close partnership with Michif Language Educator Sandra Davenport, with support from Elaine Malbeuf, in efforts to support all learners in engaging with Michif in their personal and professional learning spaces. Maarsii, hiy hiy, ninanaskamonitin, Sandra.

By taking this course, learners will have opportunities to:

  • Become familiar with Métis worldviews and languages
  • Practice speaking, reading, and writing Northern Michif
  • Interweave Michif into everyday interactions
  • Articulate the relationship between Michif language and Métis identity, culture, history, traditions, worldviews, and contemporary life
  • Type: 6 modules with words, phrases, and practice activities
  • Fee: No cost
  • Certification: Introduction to Michif Course Completion Certificate available upon completion
  • Style: Asynchronous, self-led learning
  • Delivery: Online Only
  • Level: Introductory
  • Course duration: Open registration, complete the course at your own pace

Introduction to Northern Michif Course

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The Métis Foundational Knowledge Themes Course is a five-module open online course that invites learners to build their foundational knowledge about the Métis Nation. In this self-led virtual course, learners can connect with the distinct history, culture, language, and life today of the Métis Nation as Métis people have lived it.

The course is based on the Métis Foundational Knowledge Themes (click here to view) published by Rupertsland Institute. Métis voices are authentically shared through the themes, woven together with academic research to best share our Métis story in Alberta.

The Métis Foundational Knowledge Themes Course is open for anyone to take. Updates are coming, please see the course details below:

Course Information:

  • Five modules with an open-book quiz
  • Asynchronous, self-led learning
  • No cost
  • Online-only delivery
  • Certificate of Completion available
  • Introductory level
  • Course duration: 1 month of self-led time per cohort, option to freely continue learning by request

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Meet your Monthly Cohort in the RECC Room!

Each cohort is invited to join together online in the RECC Room to ask questions and respond to weekly trivia questions throughout the month. Every response to a trivia question is an entry into a draw for a printed set of the Métis Foundational Knowledge Themes.

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Métis Educator and Facilitator Learning Journey

Continue on your lifelong learning journey as a Métis Educator with Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning. In this course, meet online with a cohort of Métis educators learning to weave their unique stories into their teaching. Together, educators can enhance their foundational knowledge and share best practices guided by Métis ways of knowing and keeoukaywin (visiting).

Email to register or learn more.