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Michif Language Resources

Learn Michif with the help of these fun, interactive resources!


RLI AR App Access the Michif Alphabet or the Language Portals to interact with Michif vocabulary and dialects across the Métis Nation homeland!
Michif App Flashcards
Michif App Flashcards Download the complete set of printable cards. Card sets available for purchase are coming soon!
Michif Colours
Michif Colours Play this matching game to learn Northern Michif and Heritage Michif.
Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans Available for various grade levels, use these lesson plans to teach Michif in your classroom.
Heritage Michif book - ni t itoota
Heritage Michif book - ni t itoota An "I Do" Book in Heritage Michif.
Introduction to Michif Course
Introduction to Michif Course This six-module open online course introduces learners to the distinct Indigenous language of the Métis Nation: Michif.

Michif Revitalization by Region

Region 1

Michif Colouring Book

A great supplemental resource for early elementary students to continue their conversations about identity, and more specifically, Métis identity.

Printable Activity Book

Enjoy these activity pages designed by Métis artisan Connie Kulhavy and RLI’s K-12 Education Team.

Digital Activity Booklet

Download the PowerPoint and use the DRAW tool to colour in the pictures!

Michif Colouring Book

Watch as Kelly Johnson discusses how she has used a Michif colouring book to teach her students about the language, but also community and identity.

Region 2

Land-Based Learning Camp

This land-based living camp involves learning experientially in a modern context, and weaving Métis ways of knowing and being into spaces for new generations of children to understand Métis language and culture.

Métis Crossing Land-Based Living Camp

Sit in and visit with RLI, Les Skinner, Riplea Lothian, and others to hear about Métis language and culture traditions in Land-Based Learning and Living.

Region 3

Medicine Walk

Cree and Michif languages pass down lessons, stories, traditions and more between generations. From Region Three of the Métis Nation of Alberta, Melanie Lapp,
walks with Métis educator, Preston Huppie, to discuss such stories and knowledge.

Medicine Walk with Preston Huppie

Join RLI and Preston Huppie for a discussion about Métis culture and language traditions through a Medicine Walk visiting with the land.

Region 4

Métis Culture Afterschool Program

This overview describes the successful six week program, including program insights.

Feedback & Photo Collection

See these photos of completed crafts by Métis learners.

Métis Language and Culture Afterschool Program

Watch as Kimberley Fraser-Airhart talks about Rupertsland Institute’s Métis Language and Culture Summer Program, where students from across the province connected online to learn about Métis language and culture. Kimberley also talks about the importance of sharing our culture with others through stories.

Region 5

Métis Beading Workshop

Introducing Michif inspires youth to embrace and engage with their language in school and beyond. This overview includes the link to the workshop.

Métis Beading Workshop

Listen to Melanie Lapp, as she talks about the importance of the Métis language and how it can help young generations of Métis people connect to their culture. She also shares the importance of sharing her culture with students, as it can instill pride in those who are Métis, and educate others on our rich history.

Region 6

Métis Kokum Mary Colouring Book

This overview includes reflections on the colouring book and a link to the relevant Indigenous Language Experiences video.

Métis Kokum Mary Colouring Book

This colouring book shares Indigenous language experiences of the Métis peoples in Alberta

Let's Learn Michif — Video Series

Let's Learn Michif - Northern Michif Pronunciation Guide
Let's Learn Michif - Northern Michif Pronunciation Guide Learn Northern Michif letter sounds with Sandra Davenport and Rupertsland Institute.
Let's Learn Michif - pôtâta ki mîcôwin
Let's Learn Michif - pôtâta ki mîcôwin Blow on Your Food Song (Northern Michif).
Let's Learn Michif - kîķo ķîsiķâw
Let's Learn Michif - kîķo ķîsiķâw What Day is it? Song (Northern Michif).
Let's Learn Michif- omisîsi
Let's Learn Michif- omisîsi This is the Way Song (Northern Michif).
Who are you? Song
Who are you? Song Instructional Video with Sandra Davenport (Northern Michif).